Enroll in a hazmat online training course to increase your safety awareness

Hazardous materials (or hazmat) are associated with extra risks of harm not only to people who handle them but also to the public, animals, and the environment. The perils may be either chemical, radiological, biological, physical, or a combination of all. Therefore, the importance of hazmat safety training should never be underestimated, especially if you are involved in the transportation of hazardous materials. You have to realize that the risk of emergencies is the highest when it comes to shipments.

At Advantage Online Training, we provide plenty of DOT hazmat training courses that can be completed from the comfort of your home or office. They cover everything from maintenance operations to labeling regulations, handling requirements, and accidental release measures. With us, you can also learn about emergency response planning, and how you can avoid hazmat violations during transportation. All our programs are oriented towards raising your security awareness and making sure your processes are compliant with DOT rules.

Who needs DOT hazmat training online?

In fact, it is not only supervisors and handlers who are required to get hazmat certification. It is also a must-have for all employees responsible for:

- preparing hazmat

- classifying hazardous materials on site

- packing, labeling, or marking those materials

- purchasing and selecting packages

- preparing shipping papers

- handling hazardous materials directly

- transporting hazmat from point A to point B

Advantage Online Training offers DOT hazmat certification online courses to all employees, no matter what their responsibilities are. Enroll in the program you need here and forget about showing up in a classroom. Once you are in, we will provide you with access to the unique learning management system that is designed to help you with controlling your certification online. Remember, DOT certification must be regularly refreshed to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

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