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OSHA electrical safety training

Advantage Online Training offers a learner-centered OSHA electrical safety course that was specifically made for companies wanting to remain compliant with HAZWOPER Regulation 29 CFR 1910.120. Our learning modules comply with all OSHA requirements for employee training, and they are tailored to fit the needs of every learner, no matter his or her position or responsibilities at the work site.

Take an OSHA electrical safety course with Advantage Online Training

Our courses on electrical safety are fully interactive, and they can help you and your employees remain adherent to all of OHSA’s employee training requirements. Our course will show your team members how hazardous electricity can be in an uncontrolled environment, and how to reduce or eliminate these hazards. To make our learning process more effective, we use a creative combination of:

- Audio
- Video
- Text
- Graphics

This combination addresses the needs of your workplace and accommodates every learning style. We make especially sure that every single participant in the learning program is able to glean valuable information from it that can save his or her life. Furthermore, the course is easy to use for administrators, allowing them to monitor the progress of their employees so that they can provide assistance when it is needed.

Electrical safety in HAZMAT should be your priority

Carelessness and casualness may kill, which is why you should give your employees all the information they need to be safe when working around or with high-voltage wires and electrical equipment. The most comprehensive and learner-friendly company that teaches people to be safe in the workplace is Advantage Online Training. We have a dedicated team of experts who have spent countless hours creating this online electrical safety course, which is why we are sure you will be a satisfied customer. Together, we can reduce the risks to the safety of your team members.

Getting the Advantage

100% online training

100% Online Training

Our focus is delivering quality training 100% online. We believe that you should not have to sacrifice a quality training program for convenience, so we provide both.

Outstanding Quality

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to your safety. We know that safe work begins with a quality training program. Our primary goal is to ensure that our online training meets that high bar.

Save Money

Save Time and Money

The convenience of our online training provides you with more time, to spend on the job. You won't need to show up in a classroom, because we bring the classroom to you. You'll save both time and money by avoiding travel time and expense, in addition to saving money on your course.

Manage Training

Manage Your Training

Manage your training and certifications all from one place. Keep track of your training, and your certification expiration dates from your online classroom. We empower you to produce proof of training or take additional training from one easy source.

Customer Service

Customer service

A great training course, and the ability to manage your certifications don’t mean much without excellent customer service. Our goal is to meet all your needs and ensure that you can get the certifications you need, without the headache.

100% Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that our training will meet your needs, or your money back. That simple!