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OSHA laboratory safety training from Advantage Online Training

Labs are fun and exciting places to learn and work. Employees and students get to use them to make innovative new products and technologies or learn new information about the natural world. While they are great places to work and learn, they can also be dangerous. Carelessness can maim or kill in this setting, which is why you should always abide by OSHA’s laboratory standards. Our learning modules will teach you and your students or employees everything they need to know to stay safe and productive.

Learn the OSHA laboratory safety standards with our help

Failure to follow OSHA rules and regulations not only invites the possibility of an injury or death, but it can also result in financial penalties and litigation for your institution. The best way to avoid such problems is always to be OSHA compliant. Our affordable online training program will teach you and those under your supervision about planning for laboratory emergencies. We use the following to ensure that lab technicians and students get the most out of their learning experience:

- Audio
- Visual
- Text
- Graphics

These features, combined with content put together by our experts in lab safety, will ensure that your employees or students get the most comprehensive training on the market.

We offer easy-to-use OSHA laboratory safety learning modules

In addition to being highly informative and engaging, our modules are learner and supervisor friendly. As all of the programs we propose are web-based, they can be accessed anywhere so long as an Internet connection is available. Our special features for administrators allow you to monitor the progress of your students or employees easily. These attributes of our site are what make Advantage Online Training the premier source for those wanting to be OSHA compliant. To learn more about our company and what we can do for you, please contact us.

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100% online training

100% Online Training

Our focus is delivering quality training 100% online. We believe that you should not have to sacrifice a quality training program for convenience, so we provide both.

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We are committed to your safety. We know that safe work begins with a quality training program. Our primary goal is to ensure that our online training meets that high bar.

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Save Time and Money

The convenience of our online training provides you with more time, to spend on the job. You won't need to show up in a classroom, because we bring the classroom to you. You'll save both time and money by avoiding travel time and expense, in addition to saving money on your course.

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Manage Your Training

Manage your training and certifications all from one place. Keep track of your training, and your certification expiration dates from your online classroom. We empower you to produce proof of training or take additional training from one easy source.

Customer Service

Customer service

A great training course, and the ability to manage your certifications don’t mean much without excellent customer service. Our goal is to meet all your needs and ensure that you can get the certifications you need, without the headache.

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We guarantee that our training will meet your needs, or your money back. That simple!