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Forklift safety training from Advantage Online Training

Forklifts are used in warehouses, retail, construction, and many other industries to help employees move heavy objects, such as crates, pallets, and containers. Forklifts can make it easier to move heavy equipment, but they must be used with extreme caution. Failure to operate them properly can result in damaged equipment and serious injury. You can avoid such problems by teaching your employees how to be safe and responsible on the job with the help of our forklift safety courses.

Reasons to choose our forklift safety training program

The most important thing you should consider when choosing a company for forklift safety certifications is the benefits your employees can get attending its courses. We provide our clients with the following benefits:

- Variety of learning material
We use a creative combination of audio, text, video, and visual graphics so that your employees can get a satisfying learning experience.

- Web-based training
All of our training courses can be found online, so you and your employees can complete training at your convenience.

- Easy to manage
Our admin features allow the administrator to track the progress of employees as they work toward certification.

- Affordability
We offer competitive prices on training modules that our rivals are unable to match.

It is because of benefits and features like these that Advantage Online Training has become the industry leader in online employee safety education.

Rely on Advantage Online Training for comprehensive forklift safety classes

Our OSHA experts have created a training program that can help every employee, no matter their levels of experience. To learn more about how our service works, contact us, or enroll for your course today!

$29.95 ea

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • An overview of Powered Industrial Trucks such as tractors and forklifts.
    • OSHA standards covering the safety of these machines.
    • The certification process for operating such machinery and evaluations of knowledge and ability.
  • Machinery and Equipment
    • Choosing the right truck for you based on OSHA’s seven classes for industrial trucks.
    • A review of each class of truck and the machines that are included.
    • Vehicles not covered by OSHA’s regulations, and what to do if you are operating one of them.
  • General rules
    • How to handle trucks during each shift.
    • Creating a proper checklist for inspections of vehicles.
    • How to deal with Internal Combustion engines.
    • The best methods for recharging and refueling vehicles.
    • How to refuel a propane powered industrial truck.
  • Operating Machinery
    • Proper entry into a vehicle to ensure safe operation.
    • Maintaining safe speeds and avoiding sudden jolts.
    • How to properly drive in regular traffic with pedestrians and other vehicles.
    • Driving in reverse and using the help of a spotter.
    • Driving on wet and icy surfaces.
    • Flammable and explosive materials and using machinery around them.
    • OSHA’s eleven categories for hazardous materials and their regulations.
    • Ensuring proper parking and leaving your vehicle.
    • How to approach someone who is operating a large vehicle.
    • Special rules for operating forklifts.
    • Using the “Stability Triangle” technique for handling certain loads.

Getting the Advantage

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100% Online Training

Our focus is delivering quality training 100% online. We believe that you should not have to sacrifice a quality training program for convenience, so we provide both.

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We are committed to your safety. We know that safe work begins with a quality training program. Our primary goal is to ensure that our online training meets that high bar.

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The convenience of our online training provides you with more time, to spend on the job. You won't need to show up in a classroom, because we bring the classroom to you. You'll save both time and money by avoiding travel time and expense, in addition to saving money on your course.

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Manage your training and certifications all from one place. Keep track of your training, and your certification expiration dates from your online classroom. We empower you to produce proof of training or take additional training from one easy source.

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Customer service

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