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Confined space entry training from Advantage Online Training

Many professions require workers to enter closed spaces, such as first responders and tradespeople. It is complicated to enter or work in a confined space and to do this safely. That is why your employees need effective training that can be done quickly and efficiently. Advantage Online Training offers confined space entry training online that will show your company employees the risks of entering closed spaces and the way how to mitigate them.

What makes our confined space entry awareness training unique

We relied on a team of educators who have experience working in confined spaces to put together a comprehensive training program that utilizes many features to deliver a quality, learner-centered experience.

- Multiple forms of media
To accommodate as many learning styles as possible, we use a powerful combination of audio, video, text, and visual graphics in our training modules.

- Web-based education
Because all of our training modules are online, the learning process can be done easily and conveniently at home or work.

- Admin features
As the supervisor of your employees, you need to be able to keep track of how they are progressing through training. Our admin features allow you to monitor their progress so you can provide mentorship and motivation as needed.

- Affordability
The confined space entry training will cost you a little if you choose Advantage Training Online. Our rates are much lower than those of the competitors.

Thanks to these features of our service, organizations all over the United States are relying on Advantage Online Training for confined space entry training.

Always choose us for online confined space entry certifications

Advantage Online Training has been helping employees to get the training they need for many years now, and we can help you, too. To get access to our learning modules, Sign up today! Orcontact us for any additional questions you have, we are here to help!

$29.95 ea

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • The dangers of confined space entry including Low oxygen levels, gas leaks, and more.
    • OSHA’s Permit Required Confined Space Regulation.
    • What constitutes a confined space: tanks, vessels, storage bins, and more.
    • Hazards associated with confined spaces.
  • Confined Space Regulations
    • The importance of a written entry permit when there is potential danger.
    • Training for different positions related to confined spaces: entry supervisors, entrant, and attendant.
  • Supervisors
    • The three basic atmospheric tests to conduct in a confined space.
    • Flammable and combustible materials often found in confined spaces.
    • Hot Work Permits for jobs that require sparks of flames.
    • Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures that must be in place.
  • Entrants
    • Using ladders and OSHA approved safety gear, including safety barriers.
    • Setting up forced-air ventilation systems.
    • What to do while inside a confined space with equipment and proper communication.
  • Attendants
    • Spotting problems and evacuating entrants in the event of oxygen deprivation or toxic substances.
    • Understanding Entry Permits and how to use the information.
    • Evaluating a necessary evacuation.
  • Permits
    • Proper information that must be included on permits.
    • Conditions necessary for the space and how to include it on the permit.
    • Including rescue and emergency services on the permit.
    • Keeping permits on file after completed jobs.

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