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Bloodborne pathogens training from Advantage Online Training

Humans carry many bloodborne pathogens that can pose a serious risk to their health. An accident in the workplace or any other unforeseen circumstances can result in exposure. To mitigate these risks, you should have a BBP training program in place at your facility.

Why you should select our bloodborne pathogens course

Our professional training course covers epidemiology and symptoms of bloodborne pathogens. What is more, we will teach you how transmission occurs. With the help of our BBP certification course, your employees will learn how to take precautions to avoid exposure to diseases and infection, such as

- Hepatitis B
- Hepatitis C

Here are some of the features of our course.

- Creative media
Our specialists use an innovative combination of audio, video, text, and visual graphics to show learners how to protect themselves from bloodborne diseases.

- Web-based learning
The goal of our company is to make the learning process as convenient as possible. One of the ways we do this is by putting our training modules online so they can be accessed anywhere, and at any time.

- Admin features
Our admin features are easy to figure out and use because we know that the administrator needs to monitor the progress of their employees.

- Affordability
Advantage Online Training offers low prices on the most comprehensive training program on bloodborne pathogen awareness.

Bloodborne pathogens certification from a company that values customer service

Advantage Online Training has many years of experience assisting various public and private organizations to meet the standards of OSHA. If you decide that our online education company meets your company’s requirements, please contact us, or sign up for this course today! There are many dangers in the workplace, but with our training program, you can reduce the risk of a deadly accident occurring.

$29.95 ea

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • OSHA regulations created to deal with bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.
    • A review of the prevalence of HIV in America.
    • Hepatitis and its effects.
    • Initial symptoms of Hepatitis and the importance of early detection.
  • Infection
    • The most common sources of infection, including needles, bites, and skin abrasions.
    • Types of infectious materials that may transmit bloodborne pathogens.
  • Prevention
    • Exposure Control Plans and how they help facilities limit exposure to these diseases.
    • Standard Precautions that should be included in and Exposure Control Plan.
    • The importance of biohazard “labeling”.
    • “Regulated Waste” such as bandages, needles, scalpels, and certain containers.
    • Activities that might expose you to bloodborne pathogens.
    • Engineering Controls and how certain equipment can help limit exposure.
    • Housekeeping Practices to limit the spread of pathogens.
    • Using the proper PPE when in possible exposure situations such as utility gloves, masks, and eye shields.
    • Vaccination as the first line of defense against Hepatitis.
    • What to immediately do if you are accidentally exposed to a potential infection.
    • Working with your healthcare provider and employer after an exposure to a bloodborne pathogen.

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